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did they take your pix off of tumblrafterhours(.)com ?? search there for lauraxo07



The legend of Korra………..

  • I want to know who is general Iroh(def zuko son or grandson bc zuko does have a daughter but they didn’t mention a son,
  • Korra to AIR BEND
  • Lin to get her bending back, if she can , if not well :,[ 
  • Mako and asami to either work it out or just break up
  • I’m shipping either mako and korra(mako=young zuko and korra=katara, the love that never happened zatara<3 ) or general Iroh and korra (i know its soon but like hello he is hot and really is zuko!)
  • if asami and mako didn’t work well hopefully bolin and mako work out :)
  • amon is so freaken awesome,(come on he makes the old firelord, zuko dad look pathetic)  but he does need to end and we need to know who he is
  • and for twister and the end of the finally maybe have asami turn into a equalist like her dad bc she is hurt by mako (have her come back in season 2)

leave comments for thoughts 

Jun 9

I love having you back in my life<3

What part again do you not get I DONT GIVE A FUCK

WOW @ tumblrdatinggame(.)com WTF is this.. my little brother's roommate is on this and I think I saw you too lol


lol, and on what?

Lol half of your followers are on tumblrdatinggame(.)com



youre by far the prettiest person i know :)


Thank you